Folk Art Murals in the Saratov Region in Russia

Popovka is a village in the Northern part of the Saratov region, which is in the middle of Russia, with a population of 600. By accident there, in 2009 a peasant house was discovered, the walls and ceiling of which were covered with murals dated 1910. 


This is a unique discovery because folk art murals are very rare; there are very few still existing in Russia. All murals in the house are based on biblical stories.


A project team bought the house, with its surrounding land, from the owners, and the house is still in the process of repairs and murals restoration. It is planned that this house will be a museum of the history of Russian folk art painting. 


This project is financed and supported by lovers of Russian folk art, some Russian foundations, local museums, Saratov University‚Ķ Anyone can join to help this project. 

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