Gladkov Studios Services

Gladkov Studios uses high quality environmentally-friendly, low VOC products and offers the following services and applications:

Color and design consultation - we offer a free preliminary design consultation as a part of our art services.

Custom prepared sketches and samples -
our services include making custom sketches for each project - fine art mural, trompe l’oeil, or fine art painting.

Over the years the Studio created a significant amount of samples with a wide variety of techniques and materials. This allows us to be well prepared for the first meeting with a client and have a starting point for a new project. Upon making a decision about colors, textures and styles, we create a new set of samples with the client’s specifications.

Fine art murals, fine art painting, trompe l’oeil effects, decorative painting -
lettering, stencils and historic ornaments.

Murals, trompe l’oeil or ornaments can be painted directly on ceilings or walls, or on canvas in our studio, then installed by us or shipped to the client for installation.

We can redesign or modify any historic ornament to the client’s needs and space requirements, adjusting colors and size. Ornaments can be painted free hand, or we can use precut stencils or custom designed stencils, which we design and cut in our studio.

Gilding -
application of precious (gold, silver) and non-precious (copper, aluminum) leaf; restoration of damaged surfaces; traditional aging effects of gilded surfaces: physical distressing, crackled gesso, antiquing; simulating bronze, pewter and other metals; reverse gilding on glass.

Metallic effects and metal patinas –
painted effects to imitate metals and metal patinas (antique bronze, iron, gold, silver, etc.); application of chemical solutions to real metal or metal paint to produce actual rust, verdigris and other patinas; restoration of damaged patinas.

Venetian plasters and textures –
application of lime based plasters: Venetian, Marmorino, Antico, Tuscany, Terra and others; metallic plasters; fresco; lime wash.

We use genuine aged lime plasters, but if requested by the client, an acrylic alternative can be used.

Decorative concrete overlay –
trowel application of decorative coating (concrete overlay) over existing concrete floors or laminate countertops.

Faux finishing –
wood graining, faux stone and marble, faux organic materials: tortoise shell, leather, ivory and inlays; traditional finishes: aging patinas, color washing, strie’, frottage, ragging, sponging, etc.

Specialty finishes can be applied to any surface: ceilings, walls and floors, furniture and cabinetry, architectural elements, staircases, fireplaces, and accessories.

Restoration of furniture, frames and other decorative objects -
structural repairs; restoration of missing or damaged dimensional elements; original finishes restoration - paint, stain, gold and silver leaf, or patina.

Fine cabinetry and furniture finishing and refinishing –
staining, glazing, antiquing, distressed painted finishes, crackle and craquelure; whitewashed and pickled finishes; hand-rubbed oil and wax finishes; lacquer finishes; restoration and refinishing.

Furniture and cabinetry can be finished on jobsite or in our studio, and delivered upon completion to the client’s location.

Professional exterior and interior painting –
as a part of our services, we do all surface preparatory work (drywall repairs, skim coating, priming and base painting) or the client has the alternative to hire his own painters to prepare the surface for specialty finishes with our specifications.

Scaffolding, lifts, spraying equipment, pressure washing machines etc. -
we provide all equipment necessary to complete the job efficiently and according client’s schedule.

The Studio and its staff are fully insured and covered by Worker’s Compensation.

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